Case Study – Finding Your Niche – Florida Sidewalk Solutions

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Florida Sidewalk Solutions is a local service provider in South Florida where I live. They advertise during the local news broadcasts.

They are a good example of a business that has found their niche and are hyper-focused on fixing a single problem. They claim they are, “The Trip Hazard Specialists.”

In this video, I review their TV ads and their website which tout the exact same message. They may do other things, I don’t know, but this campaign targets one problem. This is a great strategy for getting noticed by people who need this exact problem addressed.

Jorge Diaz

Jorge Diaz is committed to transforming small business thinking. A lot of owner-led businesses are stuck. They look into online or social media marketing because they know they have to. They search the Internet, but that’s overwhelming with too much information. It gets them nowhere. They reach out to agencies and get solutions that take 6 to 12 months to get results. Who needs that? What a small business needs is a guide, someone with a road map who knows online marketing and can get them what they need for their business.

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