Top 5 Content Marketing Tips for Connecting with Clients That Don’t Yet Know You – Part 1

There are over 4.6 billion Internet users across the world. And this figure is only going up.

For any business owner, this opens up your market and gives you people to connect with much lower costs than the costs associated with traditional marketing. Before buying anything, people these days surf the internet. They read articles, reviews and gather know-how. Then and only then do they buy.

That’s why it’s so important as a brand to connect with your audience to get sustainable growth in the long run. Online business and a solid online presence are both are necessary for any size of business.

Nowadays, content is everything for small industries and big organizations. If the businesses are producing engaging content for their audiences then connect and get results. However, the efficiency of producing content will depend on many factors including the quality, type, call to action, audiences for which the content is prepared.

Below are 5 tips I’ll share with you as questions for making your content strategy more engaging and effective.

  1. How can you help your audience?

At some point, you need to ask people to buy your product. But is there a better way? What if you could help solve your audience’s problem and they convert into customers? What if you can sell your product without actually selling it?


There is a way to do this.

First, identify your target market first and study them. What are their problems? What do they generally look for on the internet? What solutions do they need?

Then deliver your answers to help them as a blog, videos, an e-book or a webinar. Take for example that you specialize in project management. You can write an article about “How we improved our project success by 50% by conducting regular project analysis?”

Demonstrate that you have the answers for your audience by providing them solutions. Get them reading and engaging with your content and it will lead to an increase in conversion.

Did you sell your product? Yes. Did you have to ask them for it? No.

What could be better?


  1. How can you interact with them?

The best way to engage your audience is not to invite them to read your blog. It’s to ask them questions.

The key here is not to overwhelm them.

Pose simple questions at the end of an article. For example, if you wrote about productivity hacks, ask them something simple like,  “Have you tried out any of these productivity hacks? If so, how did they work for you?”

Make sure you also reply to the comments. Interacting with your audience right away is so important. This will keep them engaged with your company.

You can ask your readers to suggest what they would like to read more about on your blog. You can create a multiple choice question so that they only have to click on one. Create polls and quizzes like this.

You can even have a pop-up on your blog once the reader reaches the end of the article. That shows that he/she liked the article enough to read it to the end. And so he/she would be more willing to answer.

I’ll publish the next three in part 2 of this article.


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