Top 5 Content Marketing Tips for Connecting with Clients That Don’t Yet Know You – Part 2

This article continues where part 1 left off giving you three more tips for connecting with clients.

Here we go.

  1. Where can they reach you?

Gone are the days when you only needed a decent website and a well-maintained office. Your prospects would either call you up or visit your office.

These days, with the reach of social media, people search for your brand on many platforms. If you don’t have a presence on Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram, you are lagging behind. Additionally, having an online business on a platform like Amazon Global will benefit your brand in the eyes of your consumers. You can share the store link with the customers so that they can see your all product categories and can make a purchase decision.

Build different strategies for all these mediums and stay active. Make sure that every time a prospect searches for you, your content on all these mediums pops up and lets them know that you are credible.

Go a step further and entice them to ask you questions. Make use of chat features, comments and stay active.

  1. Can you partner with experts?

Partner with an expert and let them conduct a webinar with you to create an e-book or just to write an article for your blog.

You can call in a project management expert and let them just talk about their experience. This will garner more engagement from the audience as it is not some tips here and there. It’s something that has been tried and tested by the expert.

Let the expert try out your project management software and talk about that too. Something that comes from an expert is always more credible than something that comes from the company itself.

You can even run a campaign well before the actual event to garner more attention from the audience. Put up stories on Instagram, create posts on Facebook, tweet about the event, send emails to your engaged readers.

If all these benefits are not enough, there’s one more advantage to doing this. The expert can share the information about his upcoming Live on Facebook with his audience. You’ll thus get access to his audience as well.


  1. Are you willing to make changes to your strategy?

A while back, I read this article on Inc which talks about an insight by Jeff Bezos. It changed the way I think. Hope it does the same for you.

It talks about how the smartest people are not the ones who are always right. They are the ones who accept they are wrong, who are open to changes, to new ways of thinking, to contradictions.

It is a sign that you not only have the courage to speak up, but admitting your mistakes. It reinforces the idea that in this dynamic world, you have to be open to changing your beliefs, your way of working, your strategies.

Think about it. Would businesses be able to progress at this rate if people said “No” to technology because they were comfortable with the old pen-and-paper way of doing things?

No, right?

So, be open to tweaking your content strategy every now and then. Be open to finding new ways to engage with your audience. Your audience’s preferences keep changing. We have to make sure you know about them before they run up to your competitor. That would be because you were still stuck on the old way of doing things and they wewre not.

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