What Should I Be Doing in a Recession

When the economy slows down, we have to focus on the absolute most important things. There is no time to waste. We all typically prioritize sales and bringing in business at the top of our list and that can mean upping sales activities, but that might NOT be the best thing to do next.

This pandemic has drastically changed customer behavior. People need things today that none of us would have imagined they would want a few months back. Are there things that would NOT have worked back in February that now in high demand. Can you identify and tap into these under served wants and needs in way that enable you to reinvent yourself and your business?

Join our “Can’t Meet in Person Club“.   It’s a FREE private Facebook group where we cover strategies, schemes, and tactics for getting past the obstacles that are keeping us from delivering what we do in-person.  There are new opportunities today that didn’t exist a few months back. We’re discussing them and giving advise on how to tap proven technology solutions to deliver on them.

Jorge Diaz

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