Who Are We

Jorge and the community he’s building are out to transform small business thinking. A lot of owner-led businesses are stuck. They look into online marketing and social media because they know they have to. They search the Internet and find way too much information a lot of which contradicts itself. If they decide to call a marketing agencies, they get something complicated that’s way over their head. It leaves them thinking, “I’ll never understand this.”

What a business owner is looking to get is a guide or someone who knows online marketing well and can teach it. The guide is the one with the roadmap the business owner can understand and one they see can take them where they need to go. That’s wasn’t going to enable them to:

  • reach a larger audience,
  • tap into new audiences they know would be interested in what they have and
  • grow sales.

JorgeDiaz.Online is that guide with the roadmap and community of experienced business owners all focused on changing the way we all think about online marketing.