Who Is Jorge Diaz?

jorge diaz online
  • What do you call him?   George. That’s what his friends call him.
  • How would you describe him? Practically Enlightened
  • What does he stand for? Jorge and his community are out to transform small business thinking. We have to become Empowered to get past the  obstacles holding us back.
  • Quote: Marketing isn’t magic. It’s really hard work…following a proven road map.

Jorge is an online marketing evangelist, speaker, author, coach, consultant, and adviser. He is the founder of digital agency www.larryjacob.com and www.jorgediaz.online leading a movement dedicated to transforming small business thinking.

Having spent 20+ years in corporate software development and 8 years building small business online marketing systems making use of marketing automation platforms like Infusionsoft, Jorge has worked with hundreds of owner led businesses to increase revenue, systematize lead generation and grow their businesses.

Jorge took his digital agency from $0 to $25,000 in monthly revenue in 5 years. He teaches the marketing strategies and tactics that have worked for him and for his customers to entrepreneurs wanting to make use of them in their businesses.