You Solve One Problem and That Leads to the Next One

This is a fact. If you’re good at what you do, you solve one problem and that leads to the next problem. Problems are good when you are the expert that knows how to solve them. It’s a great opportunity because you can get past a single transaction with a client and keep them relying on you for more and more.

This pandemic gives us a perfect example to illustrate this. Think hand sanitizers. Hip, hip hurray, if you’re a producer or distributor, right? Talk about something that’s really in demand.

What follows from that? A big problem. People buying hand sanitizers struggle without making it available to people in their homes, businesses, buildings. Someone’s gotta solve that problem by offering hand sanitizer stations and dispensers of all types.

Ooops! That causes another problem. People with sensitive skin get dry hands or irritations from all the hand sanitizer use. They need balms or other cures for that problem. There are other problems to be solved here.

Watch the video for how this plays out in the virtual programs you make available to your customers. Let’s discuss how you can solve the first, the second, and all the other problems you cause with your customer solutions.

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Jorge Diaz

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